Linront Technical Consulting

Software Consulting that solves problems

The best software solves a problem in the simplest manner possible.

Linront Technical Consulting was founded on the desire to help people by using software and solve problems in their everyday and professional lives. Computer software continues to have the power to make radical improvements to our experiences, to free us from the mundane, and to alow us to concentrate on the things in the world that we love.

Mobile development

Hybrid and native mobile development

Practical custom software apps that focus on utility and productivity

Product and Program Management

Helping to deliver the right products, on time and on budget.

Clarifying Vision

We give concrete expressions of abstract ideas

We build algorithims, proof-of concept software and detailed requirements to express your ideas in ways a developer can pick up and run.

Offshore and Onshore Outsourcing

We hire and manage oursorce teams and use them to deliver real results

Many business have experiences frustration and headaches when trying to outsource. We have worked with some of the best and some of the worst and have found real success in outsource teams. Concrete expectations and real inspection of delivered code and assets give anybody the drive to get it right.

Cloud Architecture

We Use the AWS cloud to deliver stability and save expense

We have been instrumental in moving multi million dollar businesses to 100% cloud infrastructure. We know how to build your systems on the right services, manage costs, and give visibility to all aspects of operations.


Software Quality Management through Technical Leadership, Monitioring and Investigation

Anchored in Expertise

Decades of experience guides us on the shortest path to working software

API and Unit testing

Much of the most valuable testing that can be done is on systems and features that have no user interface. We test at every layer of the application to catch problems early.

Synthetic Data

We send malformed, incomplete and otherwise malevolent data into your systems before a third party API or data source does, and we find out exactly what will happen.

Exploratory Testing

Edge cases are found by expert investigation of software through the UI. All the automation in the world is not the same as an inquisitive expert using the software like your customers do.

Linront Consultants have delivered solutions for:

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